New Look for Cheap Cell Phones!

02 Oct

We recently discovered that one of the oldest Wireless websites just underwent a major cosmetic and functional change. is now more awesome than they were before. Real time product feeds populate their phone areas. Cheap Cell Phones now represents 14 different wireless programs including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Boost, Sprint, Virgin Mobile… Straight Talk etc etc. Most importantly, they still offer more free cell phones than any store I have seen online. Worth visiting them


Sprint College Discounts

29 Oct

As a College and University Employee / Retiree, you and your immediate family can receive discounts on cell phones, equipment and monthly wireless service from Sprint.
To receive your college discounmt on your sprint bill – click here
Who is Eligible for these Discounts?
Private Universities, Private Colleges, Prep Schools and all institutions of Higher Education. If you work for a College and University, whether Public or Private, You are eligible for savings!

•15% off select Sprint Plans
Note: The 15% discount does not apply to the Unlimited Simply Everything plan. The 15% does apply to the 450/900 Everything Data and Everything Messaging plans.

•15% off select Nextel Plans
Note: The 15% discount does not apply to the Unlimited Simply Everything plan. The 15% does apply to the 450/900 Everything Data and Everything Messaging plans.


Sprint Discounts for Government Employees

28 Oct

If you work for the Police, Fire Department, a City or Town, State or federal government agency, you can save 15% on your Sprint Service.
Get your Government Employee Discount from Sprint Now


Amazing Amazon.Com Blow Out Deals

26 Oct

Every day Amazon.Com tries to liquidate older product from their warehouses. Click on the below link to see the special deals available today.Amazon Blowout Deals


Discount travel and vacations

26 Oct

Even thought the economy is bad, you still need to take some time off and relax.  There are numerous travel deals and vacation specials available to those who are flexible.  Hotels and resorts must still fill their rooms.  There are many cruise lines offerring deals as low as $69 per person per night which includes meals.  Visit Big Destinations .Com to view some of the latest travel deals available today.

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Software Shopping Programs

02 May

The First Rule in shopping for software is DONT GET SCAMMED.
Don’t buy Illegal Software… Illegal Software is often embedded with Viruses and Trojens to infect your PC and transmit vital personal information to the scammers who are usually overseas.

Shop at Reputable Discount Software Sites that have been online forever like Cheap Software.Com, Amazon.Com, and Buy.Com.  Avoid copycat sites and NEVER USE PAYPAL to Buy Software. 

Now the Discount Programs -
If your a student, teacher or educator – you can purchase “Academic Software”.
Academic Software is identical to the full versions – except for the Price.  Usually at least 40% off.  Click on the Word Academic above and you will see some great examples.  Microsoft Office – Student Teacher Edition only $99

If You are a Govt Agency – You can purchase off the GSA Schedule.


Discount Wireless Programs: Save Money On Cell Phone Service

28 Apr

I figured I would start this blog off with something that everyone uses – Cell Phones!  Lots of folks don’t realize that you can save big money with prenegotiated discounts by simply asking for them. 

Let me give you some real examples to help save you money right now:
The First Set of Links are done thru a division of Cheap Cell Phones.Com.  I am including these because they give details on the discounts and have a FAQ section which might be helpful to some of you.

The Second Set of Links are the direct links to the proper employee sites built by Sprint.

Here are discounts just for just one carrier – Sprint and Nextel.

If you work for the US Postal Service or its contractors, you can get up to 25% off of Your Sprint or Nextel Monthly Service.  US Postal Service Employee Discounts

If you work for a State or Local Government, K-12 School, Police Dept, Fire Dept, EMT, Housing, DPW, Clerk’s Office or City or Town – Presto – You can get 15% off your monthly service. Government Employee Wireless Discount

If you work for a Public or Private College, in any capacity, Professor, Administration, Custodial, You can receive 15% off your monthly service. College and University Wireless Discounts

Direct Links:
US Postal Service Employee Sprint Store (Going to need a password to see info)
Government Employee Sprint Store
College and University Discount for Employees – Sprint Store
HVAC Contractor Discounts – Sprint Store (Pretty much any legitimate HVAC contractor is eligible)

As I get other carriers, I will post as well.  Cheers ;)